Writing  An Application

The perfect application – really easy!

Whether you apply online or by mail or by postal : An application is the key to a successful career change. An application should including:
  • Cover letter 
  • Letters of reference
The application should be done in a way that gives the reader a good idea about your qualifications and interests. Every application is something special and personal. However, an application should definitely fulfill three requirements: It must be orderly. It must be well structured, and it must be complete.

"Orderly" means that you should carefully check your text for phrasing and spelling mistakes! If you don't apply online, you should pay attention to the material you are mailing. Wrinkled or sticky paper won't impress anyone!

"Well structured" means that your cover letter should concisely provide the most important information: Which position are you applying for? Why are you interested in the job, and what are your expectations? And why are you especially qualified for the job? Your resume should be written in a tabular form, beginning with your latest employer.

"Complete" means that an application includes a cover letter, a resume and important letters of recommendation.

Tip: Give your application a personal touch

  • Feel free to mention your hobbies and personal interests in your resume! We want to get an idea about you as an employee and a person that requires more than just your professional qualifications.
  • Include a "letter of motivation" in your application: Why would you like to work at our company? How would the company profit from your employment? Which of your skills do you consider especially useful for the job you are applying for? Such a letter also gives you a solid basis for a future interview.




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